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 Art, heritage and national culture of the Arabs and the Jews are different from the Jewish religion and the Islamic

اذهب الى الأسفل 
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Art, heritage and national culture of the Arabs and the Jews are different from the Jewish religion and the Islamic Empty
مُساهمةموضوع: Art, heritage and national culture of the Arabs and the Jews are different from the Jewish religion and the Islamic   Art, heritage and national culture of the Arabs and the Jews are different from the Jewish religion and the Islamic Emptyالجمعة يوليو 20, 2012 4:38 am

Art, heritage and national culture of the Arabs and the Jews are different from the Jewish religion and the Islamic
Islam forbids art, painting and sculpture of statues and idols, and while the Arabs before Islam had the art and heritage and as well as the campus of the Jewish religion of art as seen by scientists of Fine Arts came in the second commandment of the ten chapter twenty of the Exodus from Alturat states _ Do not put your statue carved nor to images of What in heaven above nor from what on the earth beneath nor in the water under the earth, do not bow down to them, am _ and nationalism is different from religion, common for all people, Arabs and Jews form to search the phenomenon are the nationalities humanity has inherited and when religion prevented the practice of Art and culture committed to the Arab and non Arab believer in Islam and in Judaism it was the children of Israel or other nations embraced the Jewish religion have, broken up in the queen's religious states in the north of Israel and its capital, Samaria and the South in which Judea and its capital Ur Shlaim Jerusalem, and after that they were nomads Sahara They came to mix Canaanites in Palestine and preach religion and joining the civilization and urbanization did not last for two-state after the overthrow of the Assyrians of the State of the North and the Babylonians had shot down the state south and conquered Jerusalem and took them prisoners of captives to Mesopotamia in Babylon bride River Euphrates, and national affiliation raises the resolve of man in the dissemination of nationality and culture, which is environment growing up and thought It's best for the world and Napoleon, who gather armies and fought battles for the principle declared that France is a country Cooing and equality, but when he wanted the occupation and entered the city of Alosktendria announced in an official statement signed by him that he went to Italy to break Stoh and shed the Papal States and helps to Islam who was Tnesbh Papal Christian hostility the advertiser and ideological conflict, ideological and missionary, but the Crusades between the Muslim East and Christian West, and the merchant religious faith because he knows the Egyptian culture prevails in which the religion of the pharaohs, Arabism and others, but Okhiry lost battles and when he returned to France disappointed, said his famous _ Let me alone, and the source of belief and thought attracts people him as he says, agricultural scientists from the plant to grow toward the source of solar radiation and light, and Arabad state coercion Sassanid Persian, Romanian State before Islam had pulled into the desert but have contact through the winter to Yemen in the south and the winter to the Levant in the summer and shared their culture with these regions, especially Sham where the cradle of Christianity and on the way there cultures hikes, but the religion of Islam began to have life, a new cultural believes in Oneness of God and the prevention of sculptures, drawings and arts that are running for worship, and after the wars and conflicts between people resorted Arabs to the world of spirit and transcendence to God, and rejoiced with Islam because it alone, but religion Commons and entered with them folks again, including the Persians in the East and West in Egypt and the Levant, and if I call it pollution civilized if it belongs to religion apparent hypocrite shows nothing in it disbelief, and in Islam movements emerged, including Sufis are more people cared to spirituality, different from philosophers through their behavior through to know the truth of taste, feeling, and observation and psychological experiments, although Einstein commented on the love of people to experience and to link between the continuation of the war the land and the forced recruitment said _ I have had to be war as long as the world retains this tradition silly, a soldier and that is what grieves every thinker, that does not believe the world should not experience in anything _ and took refuge in the Jewish and Muslim Arabs in Spirituality and leave materialism as a religion but the culture of natural existing and political drawn by the ruling regime, the political exist to achieve the purpose and the culture that built on the prophecy and religion as well as all the matter to differentiate between the national culture of nations and religion heavenly and the West by Islam they have a culture and eloquence in Arabic down by the Quran and then briefed to the cultures of Persia, India, Greece and Verhm after Islam and its spread in the world and today we find them calling for humanity and are back to the thought of Ibn Khaldun take people one culture, especially after the immigration and asylum among the people from east to west because of the war and the invasion and occupation, even though the United Nations and UNHCR did not offer asylum to Iraqis in Syria and Jordan from the American occupation of Iraq for the day.
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Art, heritage and national culture of the Arabs and the Jews are different from the Jewish religion and the Islamic
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